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My Services

As a professional Spiritual Medium, I am pleased to share my psychic gift with all of my clients. I am here to be in service to other human beings to help them so they may heal themselves awaken to their own life purpose and gifts.  If you feel drawn I would be honoured to be part of your healing journey.


Mediumship Session

$90    30 Minute Session

During our time together I will connect with your Loved Ones on the other side to bring you evidence and messages that they are still and always will be with you. They want you to share their love and memories and validate that they still are aware and part of your life.


Past Life Regressions  Higher Self Guidance

$222    90 Minute Session

During this special service, clients will be able to connect with their past lives that are affecting this current life time and heal them.  Most Often we are able to connect to your own spiritual guides and angels, to form a connection with the divine world to seek answers to all the questions you have been wanting to know.  Curious to learn more? Get in touch with me to see how you can benefit from working with me today.


Emotional Energy Healer

$125     45 Minute Session

During this session we locate emotions that are stuck in the body from childhood, ancestral, and from current life times.  With the use of Intention and Crystals we can release the blocked energy. To learn more please get in touch.

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